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17 Jan

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We’ve All Had Fake Girlfriends, Right?

17 Jan

Manti Te’o’s girlfriend doesn’t exist. Shocker of the year, the girl who pulled at everyone’s heart dying hours after Te’o’s grandmother passed. Te’o heartbroken played after both deaths, yet only attended one funeral. Here is where the story takes a twist.

You know all the facts by now, and if you don’t go to Deadspin they deserve all the credit for this.

Te’o stated he met this girl at Stanford, problem is she never went to Stanford or had a car crash or died.

Te’o then said he recived a call from his “dead” girlfriend saying she wasn’t dead? Who the fuck knows.

Manti Te’o had to know this was fake. He lied about her, her death, the roses he sent her, talking to her until they fell asleep. It’s all fake, and he knew about it the entire time. It’s a hell of a story. Shit every college football fan knew about his hardships. We all now know he is a liar.

Packers v. 49ers and Joe Bucks New Love.

13 Jan

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

Incase you didn’t watch the Packers v. 49ers game tonight on FOX you missed something rather disturbing. Joe Buck went all Brent Musberger over Colin Kapernick and was all but begging for Kapernick to shove his dick in his mouth. Yes it is disturbing and I’m sorry to report it. At one point he yelled Kapernick’s name like something amazing was happening to him. Troy Aikman decided to keep it in his pants for next week just to make sure the kid is the real deal.

In terms of the game the 49ers beat the Packers. Harbaugh still looks and acts like a cock. Kapernick is a douche. The Packers have no defense. Dom Capers went ostrich and shoved his head in the sand. End of the day the two teams hate each other. But a new love was found, Joe Buck will be stalking Kapernick for years.

No Ties In The Playoffs?!

13 Jan

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

The Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos went into overtime followed by a double overtime, which is confusing since the NFL only plays one overtime. Apparently you can’t tie in the playoffs, who knew? I just figured New England would have to play both teams next sunday, I guess Houston could win tomorrow but lets be honest that game is going to be 49-7 Patriots by halftime.

Anyways this game should never have gone to overtime. First John Fox thinks it’s a good idea with a minute thirty left to run the ball all three downs then punt away to Baltimore. You have PEYTON MANNING throw the damn ball! Then your defense plays zone, 10 yards off any receiver allowing Joe Flacco to launch his way into overtime.

Then for fifteen minutes both teams looked like monkeys trying to fuck the ball leading to the end of overtime and hopefully a three team game next sunday. But nooooo apparently the NFL can make shit up on the fly and added a second OT in which the Ravens kicked their way to the AFC championship game.

Looks like the Ravens and Patriots will be playing next weekend, sorry Houston you’re frauds.

Who The Hell Did The Browns Hire?

11 Jan

Carolina Panthers 2011 Headshots

The Browns have hired Rob Chudzinski to be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Yeah I’m as lost as you, who the fuck is this guy? Oh he was the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Makes sense, hire a guy who is coming off a losing season, sure their defense sucks but the offense wasn’t exactly setting shit on fire.

He is an Ohio guy and a lifelong Browns fan so hopefully it works out from them. Hell Cleveland needs something to cheer for and maybe an Ohio guy will excite the fan base. Hopefully the dawg pound can figure out the correct pronunciation for this guy. Good luck Cleveland, like always you’re going to need it.

10 Jan


According to sources Brian Kelly has interviewed for the Philadelphia Eagles Head Coaching job. Kelly said earlier in the week that leaving Notre Dame was “not an option I don’t even think about it.” Apparently it is an option, Kelly and Eagles officials will meet again after Kelly returns from vacation.

Brian Kelly has won at every stop on his coaching journey, along the way every job has been his “Dream Job”. Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, all have been his so called “Dream Job”. Brian Kelly is never happy being in one place to long, always looking for a bigger job to fill his ego. Kelly is 81-33 as a D1 head coach, nothing to be ashamed of, he has also taken his three teams to eight bowl games although he only coached in six of them.

The NFL is a completely different animal compared to college football. For starters the way you treat players is completely different than college football. Kelly is a hot head, the fact his face turns pink then red then purple is evidence of that, the man is a gobstopper during games. NFL players won’t respect actions like that. Another thing Kelly likes to do is get in the face of his quarterbacks and swear at them, just ask Tony Pike from Cincinnati. No NFL quarterback will tolerate that, remember Tom Brady and Bill O’Brien going at it? O’Brien was ridiculed in the media the week after. Kelly will have to turn it down.

The fact he is interviewing for the Philadelphia job is amazing. That team can not win or let alone play as a team, not you want to implement a head coach who can’t win the big game. (0-3 BCS Games) Isn’t that what you fired Andy Reid for?

Brian Kelly will likely take the Eagles job, Notre Dame will be left scrambling.

The Moment AJ McCarron Realizes His GF Is Bound To Leave Him Is Golden!

9 Jan

The moment AJ McCarron realizes his girlfriend is eventually leaving him is fucking gold. McCarron is told his girlfriend Katherine Webb gained over 100,000 twitter followers over the course of the BCS National Championship game, and that LeBron James now follows her. McCarron can be seen getting sadder and sadder over the 30 seconds as the realization his smoke of a girlfriend is on her way out the door.

Look at the bright side AJ, you’re the first BCS Era QB to win back to back